Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Installing Core

Steps To Install Core


Step 1. Before Installing Core Let Fulfill Its Prerequisites As Below -

First you need to Install Visual Studio 2015 . You Can Download Free Visual Studio Community Edition From Link below -
Download Visual Studio 2015

For Mac & Linux Users You Can Use Visual Studio Code -
Download Visual Studio Code & Read Its All Details 

Step 2. After Download & Installing Visual Studio 2015 you need to make sure you have Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Installed . You Can Download Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 From Link Below -
Download Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

Real ALL Details About Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Here -
What's New Added in Visual Studio Update 3

Step 3 -  Please Check Out All Dependencies of Core Before Installing it . See All Dependencies of Core For All OS -
Dependencies of Core

Step 4 - Now Download & Install Core From link below -
Download Core

Step 5 - Now Core is Setup Head Towards Next Post To Make First Sample App in Core To Make Ensure its setup Correctly . Link TO Next Post is Below - 

Getting Started With Core

Enjoy The New World Of Core

Steps To Make & Run First Simple App In Core

1. First Make Sure You Have Setup & Installed Core . To See Steps To Install Core See Link Below - 

2. If you are Done With Setting Up Core . Press Windows Key + R to open Run Dialog . Type in cmd and Press Enter . It will Open Command Prompt 

3. Navigate To Directory Where you want to Save your Core Project like - 
    CD My-Projects 
    ( It will change your Current Working Directory To My-Projects Folder / Directory )

4., Now Run Below Command One By One
     mkdir aspnetcoreapp
     ( If will make a new Folder with name aspnetcoreapp )
     cd aspnetcoreapp
     ( It Will change Current Directory to aspnetcoreapp)
     dotnet new
     ( It will create a new Core app for you ) . 

    What is Donet Command ? - 

    Don't Worry About Dotnet Command With Installation of Core you can use dotnet  command . It is new gift of Core RC2 for CLI . 

It will Give Detailed Post About DNX & Dotnet Commands in CLI In coming Post 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How Microsoft Magic Mirror Works

What is Magic Mirror See Video Below - 

Microsoft Introduced 'Magic Mirror' in the InnovFest Unbound conference . This Device is Useful for People With Time Crunch in Morning . Most of People have Shortage of Time in Morning To Get Ready to Get out of Door for work .

Magic Mirrror is Connected To Internet . Magic Mirror will Recognize their Face in Morning and Welcoming them with Personalized Hello Message . It uses Windows Hello Technology For Facial Recognition. It will also show More Daily updates Like Weather Conditions , Personalized Latest News Updates that will be shown on Upper Portion of Mirror . It Can also record you commute to office and Can also Tell whether there is less Traffic or Traffic Jam on that Way .

Main Highlights or Magic Mirror Are - 

1. Magic Mirror is 23.6 inch LCD screen
2. It's having black background with White UI Elements
3. It is Powered By Rasberry PI and Windows Hello for Facial Recognition
4. It Can show Weather Conditions Today
5. It Can also Show Latest News Updates
6. It Can also Show Feeds From Facebook and Twitter
7. It uses Windows Hello Technology For Facial Recognition.

“Imagine when you wake up in the morning, you’re able to use the mirror to style your hair, do your makeup, and while doing that, you can also view the weather,” explained Izzat Khair of Microsoft's developer experience team. 

Magic Mirror Can also be used for Direct Advertisements to Person. The facial recognition feature could also provide real-time information to advertisers on how people are reacting to an advertisement displayed on the smart mirror.

The Magic Mirror’s facial recognition system can recognize eight different emotions, including anger, happiness and surprise. Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Face API matches a person’s face to their profile, and allows the mirror to display information relevant to that person’s mood.

Magic Mirror is powered with low-cost and readily-available Raspberry Pi running Windows 10 IoT Core. To provide the interface and basic functionality, Microsoft decided to use a simple Hosted Web App. In fact, the company has open-sourced the application source code and bill of materials on GitHub for you to give it a go yourself.

The web app is created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and served from a Node instance hosted on Azure. Using the Hosted Web apps bridge, Microsoft converted their web app into a Universal Windows App which provided access to Windows Native APIs and enabled it to run across Windows-powered devices, such as the Raspberry Pi 3.

Magic Mirror is still in development stage and no commercial release date is announced

Friday, 15 July 2016

Grunt vs Gulp

  • Gulp and Grunt are both Automated Task Runner . Major Difference Between Gulp and Grunt Lies in How They Deal With Automation of Tasks Internally .

    Gulp Uses Node Streams For running different tasks and Grunt use temp files for the same work .
  • Grunt runns tasks using Temporary files which are disk I/O operations. Your SASS file is compiled and then written to a temporary file. The temporary file is used by the autoprefixer and then the final product is written to the destination file.

    Working of Grunt

    Gulp runs task all in main memory. Your SASS file is compiled in main memory, then the result is passed to the autoprefixer without being written to a file and the destination file is then written out.

    Working of Gulp
  • In-memory operations are faster as compared to disk writes which means that Gulp has a big speed advantage.
  • Speed Comparison Of Gulp Vs Grunt Can be Found Here -
  • Speed Difference

    Source :

Thursday, 14 July 2016

What is Gulp and Grunt

Front-End Developers Tend To Deal with many things that include : - 

  • Decrease http request by concatinating CSS FIles and JS Files Together for showing on website
  • Compressing and Minifying CSS and JS Files
  • Optimizing Image to reduce their size by maintaining Quality of image
  • Saas authoring
  • Rendering DOM 
This is just an overview of task that needs to be run there is large list of tasks needs to be done . Grunt and Gulp are tools that does these tasks for us and don't bother us to do them . After setting up Grunt or Gulp all these list of tasks can be done automatically without bothering you about any of them and everything managed automatically and efficiently

Why Do I Need Gulp Or Grunt

Things that gulp and grunt do are not that you can't do without gulp and grunt . There are number of tasks you need to do you can also manually do all of them manually using number of availale tools But Gulp and Grunt Has kept them all under one roof and you manually need not to do anything it automatically do all these tasks and manages everything

Do I Need To Learn NODE For Using Gulp / Grunt

You just need to install node and not need to do anything more . Like we use mailing platform gmail or We use wordpress for blogging but don't do coding in that on non-developer part

Working of GRUNT

Grunt runns tasks using Temporary files which are disk I/O operations. Your SASS file is compiled and then written to a temporary file. The temporary file is used by the autoprefixer and then the final product is written to the destination file.

Working of Gulp
Gulp runs task all in main memory. Your SASS file is compiled in main memory, then the result is passed to the autoprefixer without being written to a file and the destination file is then written out.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Difference Between Bower and NPM

  • Npm and Bower are both Project dependency management tools. But the main difference between both is npm is used for installing Node js modules but bower js is used for managing front end components like html,css,js etc.

  • npm is most commonly used for managing Node.js modules, but it works for the front-end too when combined with Browserify etc

  • Bower is front-end Package Manager. The biggest difference is that npm does nested dependency tree that increases its size eventually while Bower requires a flat dependency tree No nested versioning of Packages

A nested dependency tree means the dependencies or Packages we added in our project can also be dependent on other dependencies and those can further have more dependencies and so on. This is not a problem for a website where you does not care about space and performance of application . It tells you need to care about dependency conflicts as all your dependencies use their own version of Underscore.This increases size and make heavy load for pages. Imagine a site having to download three copies of jQuery as due to different packages require different version of jquery

The reason many projects use both is that they use Bower for front-end packages and npm for developer tools like Yeoman, Grunt, Gulp, JSHint, CoffeeScript, etc.

The main difference between npm and Bower is the approach for installing package dependencies. npm installs dependencies for each package separately, and as a result makes a big package dependency tree (node_modules/grunt/node_modules/glob/node_modules/...), where there could be several version of the same package. For client-side JavaScript this is unacceptable: you can't add two different version for jQuery or any other library to a page. With Bower each package is installed once (jQuery will always be in the bower_components/jquery folder, regardless of how many packages depend on it) and in the case of a dependency conflict, Bower simply won't install the package incompatible with one that's already installed.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What is Bower And Why To Use Bower

Websites are made up of number of Things That include - Framework , Libraries , HTML , CSS , Javascript , Fonts, Images etc

To Keep Track of All These Packages and Making Sure they are up todate is not an easy thing . Bower act as an rescue for us


Bower Do the Work of Installing and Updating Project Dependencies . That Includes Libraries that project uses like jquery etc .What it does is to go To All Library Websites Downloading the packages Unpacking them and place them in project folder so that project can use them and all of this is done use some set of commands.

Bower Help Us To Manage Components like HTML, CSS , Javascript ,fonts , images etc . Bower Just tries to maintain Version of the package as per our Dependency and Need For the Project as specified .

Bower Contains a File 'Manifest File' - bower.json This file is used by bower to keep track of managing packages . It work by fetching, saving , installing package from web and update them in bower.json

Getting Started With Bower

Complete List Of Bower Commands

How To Install Bower

In Order to Install Bower You Need To Install NPM . The best way to install npm is to install node using the node.js installer. npm is installed as part of node.

Download NPM 

If you are using Linux Use Command Below to install NPM
sudo npm install npm -g

After Installing NPM Install Bower By Using Command Below
npm install -g bower

Intalling Packages Using Bower

$ bower install <package>

After Execution of this command bower_components folder will be create and all packages will reside under this folder

Bower Example

> bower install --save jquery # or bower i -S jquery
This command will download the latest version of jQuery into the bower_components/jquery folder.

Sample bower.js File

# installs the project dependencies listed in bower.json
$ bower install
# registered package
$ bower install jquery
# GitHub shorthand
$ bower install desandro/masonry
# Git endpoint
$ bower install git://
$ bower install

Monday, 11 July 2016

How To Generate Google Maps API Key

While Loading Web Page with Google Maps You May Suddenly Suffer with Javascript Error Below

Google Maps API error: Google Maps API error:


  1. Click on Link Below and After Link is Opened Click on 'Get A Key' Button

  2. After Click on Get A Key you will be presented with Terms Of Use . You Must Need to Agree In order To Get A Key so No More Options Click on 'Agree and Continue' Button

  3. Choose Name of Key . Then Specify Website From where Google Maps API Will Be Accessed . Then Click on Create Button .

  4. Now You Will Be presented with API Key . Note down the key and Click on Ok Button

  5.  Open file which contains Google Maps script code Then add you API Key to end of  Google Maps JS file as Below 
    <script src="//" async="" defer="defer" type="text/javascript"></script>
  6. In Above Script Tag you need to Replace "YOUR_API_KEY" with Key you obtained in Previous Step
  7. If you are not having "YOUR_API_KEY" Parameter then add an paramter as above <Script> Tag Above
  8. You API Key will be Ready To Use in 5 Minutes Maximum

Google To Train two Million Mobile Developers in India

Tech Giant Google on Monday launched "Android Skilling and Certification" programme to Help India To Produce High Quality Skilled Mobile Developers in India

This Programme Will Cover "Two Million" People and They Will Be Compiled To Skilled Mobile Developers and They will at Runtime By Making High Quality Android Apps . Through This Programme Google is Targetting Both talented Students as well as Mobile Developers To Train Them For Android App Development

As Caesar Sengupta, Vice President (Product Management) at Google Said Today -

"With nearly four million developers, India is expected to have largest developer population globally by 2018. But today, only 25 per cent of them are building for mobile"

Caesar Sengupta Told Reporers on Monday - "India is uniquely placed to innovate and shape the internet experience of billions of users who are currently online or will come online in future"

Google also lauched instructor-led training programme on Android fundamentals to provide person training to students studying in all Indian universities Including Private as well as Public Universities and Training Institutes of National Skill Development Corporation of India . This Course will be Available to All of Them Without Any Cent  TO NTPEL . It will available to them as part of 'Mobile Computing' Course Starting From July 18

Google Has also Launched Android Certification Program "Associate Android Developer Certification"  that will help candidates to get Starter Android Developer Job . You Can login to Google Developer Training Website and Take Exam . Fee for Exam is Rs 6,500/-

Google will also open-source all Android Developer Fundamentals practicals and courseware and make these available to everyone for free.

Google Maps API Error Missing Keymap Error

Google recently changed the terms of use for Google Maps APIs. if you were already using Google Maps API on your website (different from localhost) prior to June 22nd, 2016, nothing will change for you. After 22 June,2016, you Must Need an API key in order to fix your error. You Can't Use Google Maps API With Generating Key To Use Google API's . The free API key is valid up to 25,000 map loads per day.

As per Google recent announcement, usage of the Google Maps APIs now requires a key. If you are using the Google Maps API on localhost or your domain was not active prior to June 22nd, 2016, it will require a key going forward. 

Google no longer support keyless access (any request that doesn't include an API key). Now You must include API Key in your googleMap API Request .It includes all API Request like GoogleMaps Places , Autopicker , Google Maps Javascript API , Location Picker API .You can't Use Google Maps API without API Key generated for Google Maps . API keys allow us to contact developers when required and help us identify misbehaving implementations.

How To Generate Google Maps API Key


New Features of Android N

Virtual reality In Android N

Virtual Reality is a big piece of the Android N puzzle. Google Has Powered Android 'N' with a new Android-powered platform called Daydream .But that also needs SmartPhone Makers To Upgrade their SmartPhones You Will need a Daydream-certified phone with the required Type of Compatible display and sensors, So that they can work with VR mode in Android

Companies will now have to produce their own headsets that fit the Daydream standard . Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel are providing onboard Daydream-compatible phones.

Keyboard themes! In Android N

Not a Big Features But Style Has also a Importance While Operating OS .
There are a Number of themes available for Google keyboard. You can choose various colors, add or remove the borders between keys, and even set a photo as a backdrop. It’s honestly kind of neat.

Android N Performance Improvements

Google Claimed Performance Improvements in Various Aspects of Android OS , Android N is Improved in various Performance aspects As compared to All Previous Versions . Android N is Using New Graphics API Called Vulkan , Vulkan is also targetted to be used in PC gaming and it provides high visual performance on Tabs and Smartphones performance on phones and tablets.

Android N is Using JIT Compiler . JIT Compiler will help to improve Battery Life

Split Screen In Android N

In Android N you can use Task-Switching Button or you can double-tap it to instantly switch to your most recently used app. Google Named it Quick Switch, you can alsouse Alt-Tab in Android to do this .

Android N supports the split-screen. This Feature is very popular in Multi-Tasking Long pressing on the multitasking button now gives you the open to run two apps side by side on your Android phone. This is very useful for people with Large Screen Smartphones

Better Notifications 

Android N Is no having A new Improved Look For Notifications Panel . If more wider with Small Icons . You Can now Expand Notifications and No need to Swap For taking actions in Notifications panel.  Long pressing on notification for an app will will take you to panel to control how you'll receive alerts from the app in future. You can choose whether to display Notifications for that app or  block them .

New Emonji

Android N is also Have Improved New Emonji Icons .Its have 13 new Emonji

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Meet Google Cast

Check Out Details About Google Cast Here ....

Google Cast is a technology that lets you cast your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers.

Google Cast, the technology working as base of Chromecast, is now made available on Chrome

Google Chrome browser will now have a new ‘Cast’ feature . This Feature Will Be Available in Google Chrome Version 51

What is Google Cast

Cast will allow you To Cast your Chrome Browser Tab To Tv or other Cast Enabled Monitor .

As you can with the extension, Cast simply lets you cast your browser tab onto a TV or other Cast-enabled monitor. Previously It was handles using an Extension Now Extension is no longer needed, it’ll continue to work without that extension . It is also available in Chrome os .

Google has also offloaded streaming rate and screen resolution to boilerplate functions.  you’ll soon just be streaming while Google Cast does the heavy loading .

Chrome 51 is stable release, but not all users are seeing the new Cast option in the drop-down menu. If you don’t find Cast as an option, Have patience and wait for some time — Google Is doing Updations 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Object Pooling in Csharp

What is Object Pooling in Csharp ?

Object Pooling is Technique for Efficient Resource Allocation.A Performance Optimization Technique that is based on using Pool of Pre-Allocated Resources Such of Objects For Efficient Resource Allocation . It refers to Reusing of Allocated Memory again and again instead of demanding for more memory as there are chances that more required  memory may be not available at runtime (In Running Application) 

Why We Need Object Pooling & How It Works?

Have you Heard about Car Pooling ? Let me tell you about that . Car Pooling and Object Pooling is based on Same Concept . 

Both are based on Re-using / Proper Utilization of Resource . Instead of Having or using new Resource Each Time We Require . 

In Car Pooling We Use Same Resource Car for Multiple Person Instead of Using Car for Each Person . If 4 Person are going to office instead of going from their own car . Car Pooling Tells to Use one car For all 4 People That will save various Natural Resource and money .

Similarly In Object Pooling Memory is assigned to Program Execution and When more objects are required to initialized then instead of demanding and getting more memory resources it waits for previous memory block to get free to be used .

Didn't Got it Don't Worry See Below  

Real Time Example of Object Pooling  ?

Problem :
Let’s assume we are running an application which needs allocation of memory for its execution and this application is using Multithreading. This means more than one threads can allocate the same amount of memory simultaneously . 

Consider that the application needs 100K memory for its execution and there are 50 threads running simultaneously. All 50 threads will call a method of the application simultaneously.

All the threads will try to allocate 100000 bytes in the heap simultaneously. The OS may not get enough time to swap pages. Thus the application will be under heavy concurrent access, and the application may fail due to misleading memory management!

Solution :

WE can also create a pool of large Memory Block as much we can according to how much memory we require, at startup. That way, say we create 100 times 100K bytes in memory at startup. If it fails, well enough - we know that right at startup! So there is no surprise at runtime, when the application is live! So we can reduce that number to 75 (from 100) and try again to start our application. Once up and running, we know that there will be barely a need for it to allocate more memory at runtime, as we already have the memory for 75 or 100 arrays allocated. It just uses that as "an object pool", pulls from it, and when done, returns the byte arrays for subsequent use. Chances are that unless truly "concurrent", the already allocated byte arrays will be re-used over and over again, and at runtime, no extra memory will be allocated. If all 75 or 100 arrays are in use, and a 101st request comes in, it will need to allocate an additional memory of only one array - which is easy for the OS to manipulate in RAM.

Still Din't Got Don't Worry Feel Free! To Comment  

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Amazon : Buy Products With Amazon Echo

What Is Amazon Echo 

Amazon Echo is a voice-enabled wireless speaker developed by Ecommerce Giant Amazon ( . Echo is a  9.25-inch Device Structure is something looks like cylinder that contains speaker with a seven-piece microphone array. Amazon Echo Can also be called as "Alexa" . As It Responds to Words "Alexa" . We can also change this word to Amazon or Echo But Default One is Alexa .

Amazon Echo was initially limited to Use For aAmazon Prime members or by invitation, but became widely available in the USA on June 23, 2015


We Can Order Products Like - 
User : Alexa , Show Me Levis Jeans

Amazon Echo is on the way to be best approach For Voice Driven Website In which websites will function by voice driven commands .

Amazon Echo Can also do voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic etc

At last Amazon has featured the Order from Amazon Echo it was most awaited thing expected from Amazon Echo . Amazon Has taken some time to implement this very useful feature, you know, Amazon.

How Amazon Echo Works

You Need to Say alexa the type of item you want to buy or name / brand of item . Example -

YouSay: Alexa order Sandisk Pendrive

Then Alexa with respond with Options for available brands and cost
Alexa : We Have 8GB Pendrive for $10 , 16 GB Pendrive for $18

You Say: Alexa Get Me 8GB Pendrive
Alexa : Thank you ! You Order is in Process

Monday, 4 July 2016

Google Will Now Show Recent Earthquake Magnitude In Google Search

Google Is Expanding Like Amazon ( Amazon River ) . Its increasing its features like Water in Amazon River . One more Gold Star on Google Milestones is Now Google Will Give Information About Recent EarthQuake in your City / Area . It will give you information about When Earthquake occured and What was the Magnitude of Earthquiake Occured .

How To Search For Recent Earth Quake Information on Google Search

  • Open Google Search ( )
  • Seach For "earthquakes near me"
  • Then the magic come and show you Shake Map showing Affected Areas of Recent Earthquake Near your Location .
  • That's not all It will also give you information about what you should do in this situation

Google Maps Road Trips Upgraded

Make Your Trips Navigable With Google Maps Now . Google Upgraded Google Maps . Upgrade Google Maps Now on Your Android Smartphones To Taste The latest Upgraded Road View for Google Maps .

New Update to Google Maps Will Now Allow you to Add Multi-Stop Directions Directions for All Your Trip Stoppages . You Can Easily Add Small Stoppages Between Source and Destinations of Trip

Latest Update also Allows you to Rearrange your Marked Stops , You Can drag & Drop Stops To Different Locations easily to rearrange your stops

Statement  By Sanket Gupta , Product Manager ( Google Maps ) -

“No matter where your travel plans take you this monsoon season and beyond, the new Google Maps features will get you there and help keep track of all the memories you make along the way,”

Updated Features are not Finished still , One more feature in this update is "TimeLine"

"Timeline" Allows You To Preserve Travel Memories . This This update comes right after hints of multi-destination navigation found in the Google Maps APK.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Google Changed Standard Plans for Using Google Maps .

Google no longer support keyless access (any request that doesn't include an API key). Now You must include API Key in your googleMap API Request .It includes all API Request like GoogleMaps Places , Autopicker , Google Maps Javascript API , Location Picker API .You can't Use Google Maps API without API Key generated for Google Maps . API keys allow us to contact developers when required and help us identify misbehaving implementations.

The new policies will apply immediately to all Maps API implementations created on or after June 22nd, 2016. 

There is one Restriction Came with This Update From Google .

Your Application Using GoogleMaps Can have 25,000 map loads per day free  to new Google Maps ( Updated As Per 22 June ) JavaScript API , Static Maps API, and Street View Image API implementations. 

So For very Large Websites You Need a Premium Plan License In order to Use Google Maps , Places , Google Maps Javascript API etc . 

Google have also reduced the daily map load maximum limit you can purchase for Google Maps JavaScript API, Static Maps API, and Street View Image API from 1,000,000 to 100,000 requests per API.

In order to gofor More Request than Standard Plan you need to go for a Premium Plan license, which includes technical support and a Service Level Agreement

Google now count Google Maps JavaScript API client-side requests towards the daily limit of the associated web service API.

Google Maps Standard Plan Policy Updates Summary

Google Announcement For changes to the Google Maps APIs authentication and usage limits: