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Sunday, 18 September 2016

SOLID Principles

 SOLID Principles are set of rules that Help us to write Better quality of code . By Better quality of code  I mean Code that can talk , Code that is extensible , Code that is loosely coupled , Code that is abstract and secure .

SOLID Principles guide us how we should design our Software / Web Applications . Most of the Unsuccessful Software lack SOLID Principles , How you design / Architecture your Software Defines the Healthy Life Span of your software . If Developers Don't Follow Good Principles Like SOLID etc while coding Software that makes Base of Software week and that kind of Software Surely lacks in Providing High Performance , High Scalability etc .

Why We Need SOLID Principles ?

If you have ever suffered from  Software Performing slow , lagging while operating it . Its a bug in their Software Architecture Design . Its does not matter or you may not know / experience any problem while designing low scalable system for small traffic website but when software usage is increased site needs to be more scalable in that case your code architecture will be tested and It is the case when Design Pattern , Code Architectures and SOLID Principles came into existence 

When Do We Need SOLID Principles ?

I am not saying you should only use SOLID Principles and other Design Patterns and Principles only in large Scale Project .I am just saying their power , performance , scalability came Make Tangible Effect in Large Scale Projects .


Real World  Example Why we need SOLID

I love to connect code principles with real world examples that better way to understand them . Real world example for SOLID could be - 

Let say we all have good way of eating , sitting , wearing clothes , behaving with others , respecting others and we all follow our own made these principles both in home , office everywhere so All in All we have made our these rules Our HABITS . that's the thing i wish to say you why adopting these principles is good it is because they will improve our Code pattern and will eventually make our code quality better .

There is no definite tutorial to make code quality better you can only improve by improving your code habits .

SOLID Consist of 5 Principles :- 

1.  Single Responsibility Principle ( SIP )
2.  Open closed principle ( OCP )
3.  Liskov substitution principle ( LSP )
4.  Interface segregation principle ( ISP )
4.  Dependency injection principle ( DIP )

We will be Covering Each SOLID Principle One By One . In that way you will get proper time to reaad blog article and understand it . If you have any question or confusion feel free to comment below . We will start First Principle of SOLID S - SIGNGLE RESPONSIBLITY PRINCIPLE in next post .

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