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The switch form the old visual studio versiom6 to newer Visual Studio .NET to Create Visual BAsic
programs represents a update in technology . It represents far more than changing of a version name. When upgrading from Visual Studio 6 , Instead of naming it version , Microsoft used the term .NET as the name of the new version to denate the difference that it carries from the older technology .Faculty members teaching programming courses in visual  basic have to learn about the changes in new version of visual basic in order to Switch from teaching the older vb6.

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Visual Basic 2010 is the latest version of Visual Basic launched by Microsoft in 2010. It 
is almost similar to Visual Basic 2008 but it has added many new features. Visual Basic 
has gone through many phases of development since the days of BASIC that was built 
for DOS. BASIC stands for Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

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Introduction To C++ Programming Language

C++ is object oriented programming language . But in this we can do Structured Programming also. Initially named "C with Classes" . C++ was developed By Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell-Laboratories in 1980s . Stroustrup take the best feature of simula 67 and C, and designed a language which support object oriented programming feature.

Declare Variable in SQL

VARIABLES :- Variables are particular amount of memory area that are used to store the data values required to get producing the desired output from the program or SQL query . But Before using or allowing these variable to hold the specified data values we must declare them . The Declaration Statement of variable also tells the type of data that the variable will hold.

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Difference Between C programming and C++ programming Language


1.         Follows Procedural Programming Approach . It is also called 
Structured programming approach. In Structured programming approach 
the program has well defined structure

Create Functions in SQL

Functions provide a good way to group some set of statements under a particular valid Function -Name that can used in various portions in Program . Functions allows us to use particular set of statements that will be used a number of times in different portions of program by single name. A particular set of statements used to perform specific function and

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Joins in SQL

Joins in Structured Query Language (S Q L) are used to Store and Retrieve data from two or more Tables . Joins Store and Retrieve data On the basis of given Join Condition. The Given Join condition tells how and which data to retrieve / store in and from Database Tables.

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datediff in sql

Structured Query Language Provides Several Functions to perform date and time related operations. These functions allow you to add dates , times. To Find difference between dates and time etc.

1. CurrentDate :- Current Date is used to display current date according to date set in computer system.

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Write A Program To Print Star Right-Triangle

Program To Print star triangle in c++
  1.        *         2.      *
          **                   **
        ***                   ***
      ****                   ****
    *****                   *****