Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Google Joined .NET Foundation

Its great news by microsoft that google joined .net foundation. Recently Samsung also joined .Net foundation for Tizen platform. Apart from everything its great that all tech companies are working collectively to make good environment for innovation.

This Move of Big companies also gives inspiration to many developers working in different technologies to come and work together in a team. They have shown an example of working in a team that will empower and motivate many others in future and present.

Google is now a member of the .NET Foundation, where it joins the likes of Red Hat, Unity, Samsung  Jet-brains and (of course) Microsoft in the Technical Steering Group.

Google already allows developers on its Cloud Platform to deploy .NET applications

Samsung, too, is deepening its commitment to .NET by launching support for it on its Tizen platform. As Samsung’s Hong-Seok Kim told me, Samsung was looking for a framework in addition to the web framework and C API that Tizen developers currently use to write their applications.

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