Thursday, 11 August 2016

Angularjs Vs Jquery

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Angularjs Vs Jquery

jQuery will be used for things like higher level APIs, updating DOM elements, adding classes and wrapping XHR calls up nicely. Angular 1.x actually uses jQuery lite (jQLite) inside itself, or can use the full jQuery library if it's present before Angular at runtime. Using jQuery with Angular will unleash more power to Angular core as it knows you're using it, so it binds onto jQuery and passes you the full jQuery API instead of it's built-in jQLite.Remember that Angular is a data-binding MVVM framework, of which jQuery is not.

See The Major Benefits in Angular JS as Compared To Jquery

Below is Table List of Difference between jquery and Angularjs . See the Point search what that point means then analyze do you need the power or usage of that point in the project . On the basis of that Analyze Which one of them you need in your project

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